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Protecting The Futures Of Juveniles Accused Of Crimes

If your child has been accused of a crime, it is important to consult with an attorney who is familiar with the Washington or Idaho juvenile court system. Failure to properly address this situation could have harsh consequences for your child’s future, giving him or her an uphill climb for employment and education opportunities.

On the other hand, taking action today and talking to a knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer can help stop the damage and keep your child on track for a bright future.

At Provident Law, PLLC, we handle juvenile criminal matters for clients in Spokane and throughout the surrounding region. We stand up for kids accused of crimes. We believe in our clients and understand that a single bad decision or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time should not have lifelong consequences.

The juvenile court system is vastly different from the adult system. It is important to hire an attorney who understands the nuances of the juvenile system so that no mistakes are made and no opportunities missed.

We can defend your child against any accusations he or she is facing, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Graffiti/defacing or destroying property
  • Sex offenses (sexting)
  • Assault
  • Minor in possession of alcohol or drugs

One of the most important aspects of a juvenile crime case is making sure the minor’s record is clean going forward. We will work to get records expunged or charges reduced or dismissed so that the lasting impact of this legal matter is limited to the greatest possible extent.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Knows The Juvenile Court System

To start building an effective defense, talk to a knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer today. You can reach our attorneys online or by telephone at 509-252-8435.

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Jason is an honest, reliable, intelligent attorney, I was blown away with his courtroom presence. He dominates the courtroom, and defiantly one to have on ur side… His knowledge of the laws was impressing and made for a very short case:) Just want to say thanks for everything!!!



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