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Have you been accidentally injured by an inattentive or negligent person? The most crucial action that you can take if you have been injured is to reach out for legal counsel swiftly! At Provident Law, PLLC we want to help you as quickly as we can with your personal injury case. Filing a claim for a personal injury with an insurance company can be daunting and intimidating on your own, but it does not have to be. Our experienced team of lawyers is eager to take on your case in the court room while providing you with the upmost respect and care toward your individual needs during this potentially trying time.

The practice of personal injury law covers a wide range of cases. The case that you are seeking counsel for may not be for you, but for an elderly family member in a Nursing Home or a pet that was injured in the care of a veterinarian. If you are unsure of whether or not your personal injury could be carried into a lawsuit, we encourage you to stop by our Spokane, WA location for a free consultation.

Areas of Litigation Representation:

·         Wrongful Death

·         Motor Vehicle Accidents

·         Trucking Accidents

·         Pedestrian Accidents

·         Drunk Driving Accidents

·         Slip and Fall

·         Dog Bites

·         Defective products

·         Medical malpractice

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